Postscript: The sequel to PS, I Love You

February 2, 2020 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

Loved this book! I just finished “Postscript” and absolutely loved it, as I have all of her books since I discovered her back in 2004. I laughed, I cried and I finished the book feeling good. Well worth reading, as are all of her books.

Anonymous says:

Emotional, heart-warming story WOW!!!!! Grab your tissues!!!! This book will get to the core of you.Holly, is faced with the letters her late husband Gerry left behind after his death seven years ago. She finally opens up about coping with his death, through his letters. Word spreads and she’s asked to assist a group of people who were inspired by Gerry’s letters and would like to do the same.Holly is taken back to her time with Gerry, she relives certain moments, certain memories, it’s as if Gerry…

Anonymous says:

Treacly and trying too hard Oh y’all, I so, so wanted to love this book the way I loved Ahern’s P.S. I Love You, but first I had to struggle with getting Hillary Swank out of my head. And then I struggled with discovering why we needed this sequel. Sure it was nice to see Holly doing well, but honestly I knew she would be. Once again Ahern addresses a topic not often discussed or even realized- grief does not have an expiration date,- but rather than the gentle and uplifting lessons in grief we received from P.S. I Love…

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